Hey Savages!

Today we are going to talk about re-wicking *does a little dance* If you are a more visual person, click here to head over to our YouTube tutorial!

What you will need:

Your tank
A small screwdriver
Juice of your choice
A table
For this particular tutorial, Brittany is re-wicking a Wake RTA.

There are 5 parts of the tank:

the deck- this is the piece with the coils & where you put the cotton
the glass piece
the chamber/chimney
the top cap
the gold ring
The first thing you want to do is take the tank apart, take out the cotton, & clean the pieces- just rinse & dry them. Then you can screw the deck on to your mod & heat up the coils- make sure that they are glowing evenly from the inside out- & put the glass piece on to the deck.

Now, you’ll want to cut the cotton. The cotton we purchased is from Amazon, it’s about 2×2 1/2″ & we cut 2 strips that are about 1/2×2 1/2. Our cotton had an outer layer type thing that covered the cotton on both sides, so if yours has that as well you want to pull that part off. Once that’s done, you will have 2 fluffy pieces of cotton.

Take the fluffy pieces of cotton & roll one end to a fine point on both pieces. Feed the pointed ends of the cotton through each of the coils, & pull it through to where the cotton is even on both sides of each coil. While you pull the cotton, make sure that there’s a little resistance, but not too much. If there’s a lot of resistance you can pull the cotton out, take off another layer, & try again until it’s the right fit.

On the base there is a raised lip- you’ll want to cut each piece of cotton on both sides in line with that lip. Then you’ll fluff the cotton on both sides. Once that’s finished, grab the gold ring & slide it down over the cotton & coils, making sure that the holes are facing down. The gold ring should fit over the wicks smoothly without the cotton blocking it. If there’s too much cotton just take the scissors & trim it until the gold ring fits nice & snug.

You can now grab the small screwdriver. Take it & gently push the cotton down while separating the cotton in each coil.

Side Note: Getting the right amount of cotton is a learning experience. You’ll know if you have too much cotton because you’ll get dry hits. If you have too little cotton there will be leaking & gurgling.

Now you can grab your juice! Brittany used Fiji Melons from our Ripe line because it’s amazing. Take your juice & liberally put it on the wicks & coils. Once you’re done with that you can fire it to make sure that the coils are burning evenly & that vapor is produced.

The next step is to put the glass over the chamber, & then screw the glass & chamber on to the base. Now fill the tank with your juice & screw on the top cap!


You may be thinking “How often do I need to re-wick?” & “How will I know when I need to re-wick?” We have you covered. You will know when you need to re-wick when you start getting burned hits. And you can re-wick as often as you want- it just depends on your preferences.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading & #staysavage!

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