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Today we are going to talk about battery safety & how to re-wrap your batteries. You can also watch Brittany in our tutorial on YouTube:


What You Need:

  • Heat gun OR hairdryer
  • Knife or scissors
  • Batteries
  • Battery wraps
  • Travel case
  • A table


Before we start, it’s very important to note that batteries need to stay paired. They work better as an original pair, they last longer, it’s better for your mod, & it’s much safer to keep them together.


To begin, how will you know if your batteries need to be re-wrapped? If there are any nicks, cuts, or peeling (especially if there is any metal showing on the sides or around the top) you need to re-wrap.


Next, you need know what size your batteries are so that you can get the appropriate size wraps. We found ours pre-cute online on For this tutorial we are wrapping 18650’s.


Grab your paired batteries & your scissors/knife & begin to carefully remove the original wrap. You can begin cutting at either side or wherever there is a tear/nick to make the process easier. Be sure to note that there is a spacer on the +(positive) side of the battery & you want to keep this intact. The spacer is a small, donut-shaped piece that is usually black, white or brown.


Once the original wraps are removed from each battery, choose a new wrap color! It’s a good idea to use the same color for both batteries. Each wrap is like a tube & you can slide it on to each battery. Be sure to keep the spacer in place while you do this. Once the spacer is on, slide the battery to the middle of the wrap so that it can fold around both the + & – sides.


Now that your wraps are in place they are ready for heat! We used a heat gun, but a hairdryer will work just as well. For either one, put the heat setting on low. Hold the heating implement 6-10 inches away & always keep it moving so that the wrap doesn’t melt. As you heat the battery wrap you can gently tap the ends on the table to make sure it wraps around.


You’re finished!


On to battery safety.


As a vaper, it’s very important to know what batteries will work for your mod. You need to have safe amperage. If you’re running something that’s really low ohms & you don’t have a high amp limit battery, there can be venting issues. Get to know Ohm’s law & do some battery research so that you can vape safely.


The next piece of battery safety is that you always want to use a travel case when traveling. If the batteries are not properly stored, there can be a venting issue. Where there are venting issue, there can be hazards.



Thank you so much for reading & #staysavage!


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