My First Vape Toy

Hey Savages!

Welcome to an impromptu blog brought to you by a meme that has re-emerged within our office: My First Vape.

Chris came running to my (Kathryn) desk the other day yelling about this toy because he'd never seen it before, & our office hasn't been the same since. The majority of us think it's hilarious. I run our company Pinterest & I made the executive decision to create a "Vape Meme" board because the internet is saturated with memes that accurately describe & poke fun at vape culture.

I Googled this toy & came across some amazing content that sparked the writing of this blog. I didn't have to dig too deep to find tweets by outraged parents & non-parents making statements like "This is why kids start smoking early..." & calling the toy a "stepping stone." Upon further internet investigation I found that My First Vape is not the only fictional vape toy that has been created, but it is the only one that went viral.

Adam Padilla jumped on the apparent panic of society & created upset with a well-executed meme & it's not the first time either. He also created this gem:

The Happy Hour Playset. I personally love social commentary of all kinds, particularly when it pertains to something that I can relate to.

I have been around long enough to have asked a restaurant host to seat me in the "smoking" section, to have seen the delightful magazine ads for Marlboro with beautiful women smoking, to have held a candy cigarette to feel grown up. I smoked my first cigarette on the slide of a playground when I was 12 from a pack that my childhood friend stole from her mom.

I don't see the same glorification of vaping as I did with cigarettes or even drinking alcohol. As a graphic designer I work with the marketing team to make sure that we don't put out content that may appeal to children. While we may not succeed 100% of the time, we do try. The thing about kids is that they will get into stuff. Having been a child myself, I know that I did whatever my friends were doing as well as anything else that looked like fun. Even if My First Vape were a real toy I don't believe that it would be a "stepping stone" any more than candy cigarettes were.

In conclusion, I think that My First Vape is a clever, hilarious, well-executed meme that we as a vape community can laugh about.

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