S8 Pod Starter Kit Review

Hey Savages!

Today we are going to review the S8 Pod Starter Kit by Smoant! If you want to watch the video you can click here!

First of all, I want to give a shout out to to Smoant. They reached out to us via comment on one of our blogs & then sent us a FREE one to review! How amazing is that?! Thank you Smoant!

For this review we had the starter kit which includes:

  • instructions for how to refill it
  • owner's manual
  • tips & tricks insert
  • certificate of authenticity
  • battery
  • 1 refillable pod
  • USB charging cable (this cable is a typical micro USB that looks strange, but you can use it with a regular USB port)
  • needle nose-tipped bottle

When you pull the device out of the kit, the pod is already placed on to the battery. In order to fill the pod with juice you'll pull the pod off of the battery. There is a white sticker at the bottom of the pod that reads "Remove this sticker!" & you'll remove it. Once you take the sticker off you can fill the pod by gently pulling back the black rubber grommet to expose a hole where you can put in the juice of your choice. If the juice of your choice doesn't come in a bottle with a small enough dropper, you can utilize the needle nose-tipped bottle that comes in the kit (which is a really thoughtful feature!) Once the pod is full, securely replace the grommet & pop the pod onto the battery. Wait 5-8 minutes (so that you don't burn the cotton!) & then you're ready to vape!

Note: This is a draw-activated device. That means you don't have to press any buttons- you just inhale to vape!

What we love about the S8? The airflow is great, the taste of the juice is on point, it's very similar to the Suorin Air (which we adore), it's size is compact & easy to hold, the overall design is very clean, & the juice is clearly visible in the pod.

What don't we love about the S8? The charging cable (which confused Brittany so she threw it away), the kit only comes with 1 pod, the lights (the blue light that turns on when activated, the red light that turns on when the battery needs to be charged) are located under the pod & are draw activated so that they are difficult to see unless you quickly check after you vape.

Overall, this is a great pod system & we approve. Even though there are things we don't like we will gladly vape the S8 all day, every day.

That's all for today! Thanks for reading & remember to #StaySavage!



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