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Today, we are going to review the Suorin Drop & get into the details of how to use it. You can also watch the live review by Brittany on our YouTube channel:


The Suorin Drop is a pod system, where the pod is detachable from the battery (in this case, the battery is rainbow). There is a microUSB port at the bottom of the battery for charging with the cord that comes in the box. You can detach the pod & fill it with juice by lifting the 2 rubber parts & dropping your e-juice into one of the open holes. A plastic squeeze bottle will work the best for a more precise fill-up, but if you have a steady hand and great patience, a dropper will work just as well! Once you have filled the pod, close both of the rubber stoppers tightly, wipe any excess juice, & snap on to the battery.


**Pro Tip: Allow the pod to sit for 5 minutes before vaping! If you don’t let the pod sit for at least 5 minutes, you will burn the coil!


The Suorin Drop is durable, compact, & light-weight making it a travel-friendly vape option. Whether you’re looking to quit smoking cigarettes or just looking for a sleek way to vape those Nic salts, the Suorin Drop is the way to go. Once filled & fully charged, each pod & battery charge lasts about a day. Now, we used Nic salts in our YouTube review & we don’t recommend chain-vaping with this particular combination. We do recommend using an e-juice that’s between 12mg & 18mg of nicotine.


There are so many great things about this device, but there is one set-back: it only comes with one pod. Once the coil is done, you can either order more online or call around to see if a vape shop near you has replacements. We wish there were extra pods with the initial purchase!


It comes in a variety of colors that include: rainbow, black, yellow, baby blue, red, & grey.


Conclusion: The Suorin Drop is a YES. We love it, we use it, and we highly recommend!



Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for our next blog & stay Savage!


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