Vaping VS Juuling

Hey Vape Fam!


So a big question we have been getting over here at is "What is juuling? Is juuling the same as vaping? What's the difference between juuling and vaping?"

Here's the thing. The media is attacking Juul because it has become an extremely popular Nicotine Salt Delivery Device. Say that 5 times fast LOL! But Juul has over 50% of the vaping market share. WHICH IS NUTS!


But since it has become so popular it has obtained the nick-name "Juuling" Because Juul with ing is Juuling. Clever right? 


But fundamentally no there is no difference between vaping and juuling. Juuling is just a word made up for people who like the juul. So essentially it means you are vaping a juul.


While some media outlets have directly attacked Juul, the fact remains that the vape industry has all gone toward pod devices that have Nic Salt in them because it is an easier way to vape, and even vape less.


We hope this helps with the confusion out there!

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